How to Install Patches

2K17 External File Plugin

This plugin allows you to install mods for 2k17.

Just extract all files into your 2k17 folder then put all my patches into the "Modded" folder.

FOR 2K16

The tools you will need are the External Plugin & Greg's NBA 2K16 Explorer and download them below.

External File Tool made by Limnono Download

Greg's 2k16 Explorer Download 

1. Unpack the files included in NBA 2K16 External File Plugin (which should include 3 .dlls and the "modded" folder) into your game folder Steam \steamapps \ common \ NBA2K16
So you will have something like this in your NBA 2K16 folder

2. Find the mods you wish to download and install and put them in the new "modded" folder.

For instance my OKC Court copy both files in that rar should be placed in Modded folder.
So you will get something like this

After your done copying it into your modded folder it should look like this

Then your Done! load up your NBA 2k16 and your mods will take full effect.

Court Stanchion Bug FIX

If you are having issues with the NBA TV stanchion overlapping the local ad logo like this


Download this file!HB8DGSYL!8f3D19YyJtquL9htGuDxM6pLi-xECrdRwmMS8KxCtT4

Extract all contents to a folder then open up NBA 2K16 Greg's Explorer go to Options>Preferences locate your 2k16 folder then open up archive 0B

And locate the filename's  im going to start with the
Do this for all the filenames inside after your done replacing them with mine click on import scheduler highlight the filename then go to file>Apply changes And your Done!
Remember todo this for all the filenames inside my downloaded folder.

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